2015-11-07 20:15:33
Read the excerpt from The Odyssey. Six benches were left empty in every ship that evening when we pulled away from death. And this new grief we bore with us to sea: our precious lives we had, but not our friends. No ship made sail next day until some shipmate had raised a cry, three times, for each poor ghost unfleshed by the Cicones on that field. Which key details should be included in a paraphrase of this passage? Check all that apply. - A shipmate cried out three times for each life lost. - Six men from each ship lost their lives at Cicones. - The ships pulled away from shore during the evening. - The men were greatly saddened by the loss of their friends. - Many of Odysseus’s men did not escape with their lives
2015-11-08 00:54:48

The answer is Six Men from each ship lost their lives at Cicones.