2015-11-07 16:32:18
70+ 5x < 30+15x I know that x =5 But can someone help me with a real world problem ?
2015-11-07 19:35:20

remember, you can do anything to an equation as long as you do it to both sides but, for inequalities, if you multiply or divide both sides by a negative, you flip the sign 70+5x<30+15x minus 5x both sides 70<30+10x minus 30 both sides 40<10x divide both sides by 10 44 is the solution set a real world problem could be company A charges a flat rate of $70 dollars to rent their car and also charge a rate of $5 per mile driven company B charges a flat rate of $30 dollars to rent the car and also charge $15 per mile how many miles do you have to drive for you to pay more for company B than A?