2015-11-03 18:44:03
Comprehension The question below refers to the selection "The Masque of the Red Death.” The outcome of the story is that — a. the pendulum clock strikes the hour of twelve, and the guest in the strange mask flees the palace of Prince Prospero b. Prince Prospero kills the strangely masked guest in a duel, suddenly becomes ill from the Red Death, and dies c. the guests die after grabbing the masked figure, whose costume turns out to be empty d. the guests take revenge on the strangely masked guest, kill him or her in the black room, and then perform a bizarre dance Please select the best answer from the choices provided A B C D
2015-11-03 19:23:54

The correct option is C. The guests died one after the other after discovering that the masked figure does not contain any human form. The king died, the people died and the death win.