2015-11-03 04:02:48
In at least 150 words, explain how religion influenced the causes and outcomes of the Salem Witch Trials.
2015-11-03 09:23:27

One of the primary contributing factors to the Salem witch trials was the superstitions prevalent in Puritan society. The belief that Satan was present and active was widely held in Europe and eventually spread to Colonial America. A common precept of this belief revolved around the necessity of believing in demons and evil spirits in order to confirm the belief of the existence of God and angels. This, combined with daily superstitions where all misfortunes were blamed on the supernatural, created a perfect environment for the mass hysteria leading to the Salem witch trials.Another factor likely contributing to the volume of witchcraft accusations revolved around the relationships within and between the various villages and towns. Numerous disputes occurred in Salem Village around items such as grazing rights, church privileges, and property lines. Many of the neighboring towns viewed Salem Village as problematic as evidenced by decisions such as hiring independent ministers to serve the village instead of supporting the larger Salem Town.