2015-11-01 23:50:48
Pls help meh i needs the help mostly
2015-11-02 00:59:39

What is the question?

2015-11-02 01:00:54

Answer: I, II, and III I using "limited subject + precise opinion" formula ex. "It is important to save the environment." (Straight-forwarded opinion; thesis statement) II using "fill-in-the-blank" formula ex. "It is important to save the environment by reducing burning production within the capacity of our atmosphere, preserving our animal kingdom, and enlarging our environmental system by growing plants and crops for all humans and animals." (Widen the thesis statement in other words- fill in the blanks) Lastly, III turning a research question into an assertion (thesis statement) arguing that your belief is correct Ex. "As I mentioned above it is important to protect our environment to inhabit new animals, enough plants for the benefit of humans and animals due to without the environment clinging on to the Earth, humans and animals can not survive. According to Gore.."