2015-10-31 02:13:03
5.0 Points Aimi is making Valentine’s Day cards for everyone in her class. She plans to use a whole sheet of paper for each of her 6 closest friends. She will use 1/8 of a sheet of paper for everyone else in the class. She has 34 sheets of paper. How many of the smaller cards can she make? A. 272 cards B. 4 cards C. 3 cards D. 224 cards
2015-10-31 04:38:32

34 - 6 = 28 sheets of paper left for the smaller cards. 1/8 sheet of paper per small card, so 8 small cards per sheet. 28 * 8 = 224 small cards Aimi can make with the remaining sheets. So the answer is D. If you need any more explanation, let me know. :)