2021-05-04 14:10:48
WORK IN PAIRS.REPORT IN FOLLOWING 1 pete said,"i am writing a letter to my friend now 2 paul said,"i have never betrayed my friend 3 tom said," mum,i am not telling lies 4 marius said,"oliver,will you lend me a hand/please? 5 he said,"werw you arguing wih Bill when i came in? 6she said,"i had always shared my joys and sorrows with my mum before she left for italy, 7 my sister said,"who was your friend laughing at you? 8the boys said,"we are not quarrelling,we are discussing a new project help plizz☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺
2021-05-04 15:20:54

1. Pete said he was writing a letter to his friend then. 2. Paul said he head never betrayed his friend. 3. Tom said to his mum that he was not telling lies. 4. Marius asked if Oliver would lend him a hand. 5. He asked if I had been arguing with Bill when he came in. 6. She said she had always shared her joys and sorrows with her mum before she had left for Italy. 7. My sister asked who my friend was laughing at me. 8. The boys said they were not quarreling, they were discussing a new project.