2021-05-04 13:00:18
Is the verb in the sentence in the active voice or the passive voice? The chef put a chili pepper in the sauce to add flavor. a. active voice b. passive voice
2021-05-04 18:43:31

The verb in the sentence "The chef put a chili pepper in the sauce to add flavor" is in the A. Active Voice It is in the active voice because the subject is the one doing the action. chef - subject of the sentence put - verb Active voice because he, the chef, is the one who actually does the act of putting the chili pepper. Additional note: Passive voice is used when the subject is being acted-upon or is not directly involve in the action. Example of passive voice using the above sentence. The chili pepper is being put in the sauce. chili pepper - subject is being put - verb Clearly, the subject is not actively participating in the performance of the verb.