2021-04-07 21:48:18
Why did Austronesian/Polynesian people not colonize Australia?
2021-04-07 22:59:36

When Australia was colonized by the Europeans, the native people of Australia and the surrounding islands in the South East Asian sea were not as technologically advanced. The Austronesian and Polynesian people made use of wooden spears, shark-tooth swords, and wooden clubs. At the stage, this was their best technology in regards to warfare. The Europeans had steel armor, horses, ships that could travel great distances and gunpowder. The Austronesian and Polynesian people did not have the required transport to get to Australia nor did they have suitable weapons to colonize the Aboriginals of Australia. Another fact is that the Austronesian and Polynesian people were only interested in the affairs of their tribes and people, they did not care about the affairs of the outside world.