2021-04-07 11:02:03
“Birmingham Sunday” by Richard Fariña and “Ballad of Birmingham” by Dudley Randall are both __________. based on fictional events broadside ballads written as songs firsthand accounts
2021-04-07 14:40:50

"Birmingham Sunday" by Richard Farina and "Ballad of Birmingham" by Dudley Randall are both WRITTEN AS SONGS. Both songs tell about the 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing that happened on a Sunday, 15th September 1963. "Birmingham Sunday" discusses the death of four girls, while "Ballad of Birmingham" focuses on the death of one girl. The bombing of 16th Street Baptist Church was an act of terror against African Americans in Birmingham. It was said that the Church was the meeting place for civil rights leaders like Martin Luther King, Ralph David Abernathy, and Fred Shutterworth.