2021-02-23 15:16:48
Movie 16 tickets prices adults $8.75 children $6.50 seniors $6.50. a. Write expression for the total cost of tickets. b. The Andrews family bought 2 adult tickets,3 childrens tickets, and 1 senior ticket. Evaluate your expression in part a to find the total cost of the tickets. c. The Spencer family bought 4 adult tickets and 2 childrens tickets. Did they spend the same as the Andrew family?explain
2021-02-23 16:10:38

i believe for part A its: ($6.50 x 4) + (8.75 x 2) Now try to do Part B:  for part C, analyze the question and add or multiply to get your answer. Then compare. this, is only what i believe could be the process, though, im not sure, if this is the way its meant to be solved.