Social Studies
2021-01-26 10:05:18
Write 1 paragraph about jacob riis.
2021-01-26 14:07:44

Jacob Riis was more than just photographer who was the first to adopt the use of flash photography.  He was also a news writer and social reformer.  The subjects of his photographs and articles dealt with the harsh conditions that impoverished residents living in the slums.  The photos he took about the deplorable living conditions that people were living in caught the attention of Theodore Roosevelt who befriended Riis and helped in his crusade.  Among his accomplishments was the acquisition of areas of the New Croton Reservoir that aided in the prevention of Cholera as well as the demolition of unsafe tenements that led to a creation of a park through the Small Park Act of 1887. Today, many government and non-government groups use more than just cameras but also the latest technology to solve problems like poverty and unsafe living conditions the way Jacob Riis did.  He was more than just a photographer and journalist but a crusader for improving the lives of people.