2021-01-22 09:32:33
what is the concentration of an aqueous solution with a volume of 450 ml that contains 200 grams of iron (ll) chloride?
2021-01-22 11:54:42

You are given the volume of the container which is 450mL and the number of grams of iron(III) chloride or FeCl3. You are required to get the concentration of FeCl3. The concentration pertains to the molarity of the solution with an equation of mol of solution per liter of solvent. The molar mass of FeCl3 is 162.2 g/mol. Convert grams of FeCl3 to moles.   200 g FeCl3 (1 mol FeCl3/162.2 g FeCl3) = 1.233 mol FeCl3   Then convert 450mL of solution to liters. 450mL (1 liter/1000 mL) = 0.45 L   M (molarity) = moles of solute/L of solvent M (molarity) = 1.233 mol FeCl3/0.45 L M (molarity) = 2.74 mol/L or 2.74M FeCl3