2021-01-13 20:42:03
The digestive system contains a variety of parts that perform specific functions within the body. The small and large intestines have some similarities and some differences. Which function is only performed in the small intestine?
2021-01-14 00:40:29

In the digestive system, the food and the products of digestion pass through the muscular tube known as intestine. It extends from the lower end of the stomach to the lower opening tract of the digestive tract or the anus. The intestine is divided into two sections, the small and large intestine. Although both parts receive the digestion and product of the food, they differ in some areas. For the small intestine, its main function is to carry out most of the digestive process such as absorbing the entire nutrient you get from foods into your bloodstream. This function is not present in the large intestine because the digested food is mixed with the digestive juices form the small intestine and no nutrients left for the large intestine to handle.