Social Studies
2021-01-13 20:30:18
Evan is making a table that will be created in the shape of the figure below. The table top is a triangle attached to a rectangle. To purchase the right amount of paint, he needs to know the area of the table top. He can only spend $10 on paint, which is enough to cover 150 ft2 of surface area. What is the maximum length of the base of the rectangle he can build? An image of a compound shape made up of a rectangle and a triangle is shown. The length of the rectangle is labeled x and the width is labeled 6 feet. The base of the triangle is labeled 4 feet and the height is labeled 6 feet. x = __________________ ft
2021-01-13 23:00:22

The maximum length of the base of the rectangle is 23 ft. Given: Triangle: height = 6ft base = 4ft Rectangle: length = x Width = 6 ft Surface Area = 150ft² Area of a Triangle = h*b / 2 = (6ft * 4ft) / 2 = 12ft² Area of a rectangle = Surface Area - Area of a Triangle A = 150 ft² - 12 ft² = 138 ft² 138 ft² = x * 6ft 138 ft² / 6 ft = x 23 ft = x.