2021-01-13 13:15:33
What could Brutus have done to give a more effective speech? Write two paragraphs that describe his use of persuasive appeals, comparing and contrasting with the speech Antony gave. Provide specific examples from the text to support your point. Use proper spelling and grammar.
2021-01-13 14:08:13

Brutus was demanded the people to listen hear him.  He tried to win the people over and support through logical explanations.  He listed down the reasons for killing Caesar and was very concise in his speech as he believed the truth will convince the people and rally to his cause.  The problem was the people didn’t connect with his arguments and he was too aloof in his approach that he failed to gain their support and he should make a speech wherein he had a personal connection with the crowd. Anthony on the other hand asked the people to hear him.  His agreement of the senate’s actions was for the subtle purpose of discrediting all that they said.  Listing down the achievements of Caesar, he was all manipulating the crowd by appealing to their emotion.  As he made his speech, he was crying and this moved the crowd enabling him to win them over.  Anthony was the better orator because of his use of emotion and facts.